In a world where light is a miracle…

Tatyana’s Thoughts
3 min readSep 11, 2021


It’s dark and still outside.

We’ve been hoping things get back to normal.

We strive every day.

We abide by what they want us to see as normal.

And every day we go with it, we pretend like it’s okay, like life is supposed to be that way.

Things start feeling less strange. We start accommodating and finding ways to make it through better. We work our connections to get passed things faster and we step over other people’s rights like they mean nothing.

Whereas, just yesterday we were them.

Just a day earlier we were going through their struggle, but the moment we notice that our struggle could end, we forget to help.

They’ve changed us, we have become people we never were.

We used to lend a helping hand to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Instead, now, we just look to help ourselves, we look to make sure we have tomorrow sealed.

Day by day, we go through life, like we have no right to plan, like planning is for the ignorant.

For those who believe in a better tomorrow, for those who think that the world awaits them.

In a world where you forget what it is like to fight for your right, own it, and get it back no matter what, it’s hard. It is hard to survive every day without having to go through the worst of thoughts. But yes, we do pick ourselves up, because they’ve left us no choice. We need to eat, we need to feed, we need to feel content, even for a little bit.

In a world where mercy doesn’t exist, where justice has no place, we still believe in hope. We still look for every opportunity to laugh, to dance, to have fun, and to experience new things. We still have the heart to invite tourists, we still want the world to see what we really have and who we truly are.

In a world where darkness has become the norm and light is a miracle, we are damaged. We are destroyed to believe that we deserve a bit of everything. The patience we once had is running out and yet we still think we will all feel better soon, everything will be back to “normal”, we say.

The world we live in today has changed us. We don’t feel it, we can’t measure it on a daily basis, but we know it. The you today is nothing like last month’s, and yes all humans change within the minute, but not the way we have. We’ve changed under pressure; we’ve become who we are forcefully. They did this to us.

We’re good at blaming, they even taught us that. They distracted us with that so well that we forgot to look in the mirror. We forgot to see the faults of our neighbors, friends, and family. They’ve made us believe they are the bad guys, that this is all because of them and their titles, but we forgot the most important part, that we are them and they are us.



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