Old Conflict yet fresh content

“Defiant Israeli prime minister says Gaza bombing campaign will take time.”

Tatyana’s Thoughts
3 min readMay 19, 2021
Photo by Snowscat on Unsplash

To first grasp your attention, I’d like to tell you that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict evolved since the declaration of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948.

I’m not saying you should have been educated on the matter since, because most of us talking about it today, were not even alive back then. What I am saying is that this has been going on forever, and no that’s not okay!

And you know what’s also not okay?

How the world can easily manipulate all of us, all at once! And I say “world” here so I don’t point any fingers. But yes, I am saddened to say that the topic of every month, or let’s call them “phases”, is chosen by the bigger shits out there and executed through us.

Just like “they” have provided us with Social Media as a tool to market products that we want to so eagerly sell”, they themselves also use that tool, except their agenda and product are way more powerful than ours. And it works. A mass number tend to get affected by what they choose to sell us, through us.

Their method is different though, they choose what they want to showcase, when they want it revealed, what they want us to “be aware” of, and then they allow us to market it. Yes, we are doing the job for them. What is the purpose of that job, you may ask? And I’d say, that’s beyond your and my knowledge and/or experience.

I am an anti-Israel kind of person. But I refuse to follow the buzz. I refuse to go with the information that they want us to share right now, just because it is convenient in their schedule today.

Why now? Why today? Why did they choose to highlight every single incident happening in Palestine now? Why are all the people of different nations revolting about this while their leaders keep quiet? Why is my Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook feed bombarded with the same content just different faces?

Because today, that’s what they need. We’re merely slaves and a catalyst to what they are yet to do. And guess what? We’ll never know why this happened or how it ends. On their end though, they’re getting exactly the result they need.

Share all the stories, videos, and content you want. Support any state you wish, awareness is a must at the end of the day. But know that this is just another campaign, which I stand my ground at saying as Netanyahu calls it that, himself, “Defiant Israeli prime minister says Gaza bombing campaign will take time.”

Understand that today and forever we do not control outcomes, we are part of the equation and not the result. Most of the time we are the reason for our own downfall and the reason for the big shots’ success.

Palestine has been suffering for years and Social Media has been there for years as well, once again and for the last time I ask you,

Why now? Why today?