So Man-Made That Your Immunity And Health Don’t Count

Tatyana’s Thoughts
3 min readJan 8, 2022
Photo by SJ Objio on Unsplash

I took one puff of my “before-I-sleep” cig and started to cough non-stop. I didn’t overthink it, my brother had just landed from Germany, and I wanted to enjoy this moment with him until we’re off to bed.

It was 2 days before Christmas Eve, and I was so excited, his best friend was following him from Germany so we can celebrate together. Yay! A simple gathering for Christmas.

Zack, landed, Christmas time was here! We had a great time. Delicious food. Fun vibes. Cool games. And lots of pictures. We even dressed up for it.
My boyfriend and I woke up the following day feeling a little bit woozy. He was tired and so was I, but we thought, “Yea it’s been kind of stressful, fixing all the Christmas stuff with just the right amount of money.”

The next day, we were exhausted and his throat had started to itch.
“I want to see Teta & Jiddo so I can celebrate the holdays with them with cake! But I think we should get our PCR tests done first.”
He agreed.
And that night I called my brother first!
“We both tested positive, you and Zack need to check if you guys are OK, and I need to call mum, she has been having bad headaches for a while.”
Yep, everyone had gotten the Covid at that point. There goes New Year’s Eve and any friends or family gathering we had our hopes up for.

My boyfriend and I are not vaccinated, so we went through all the symptoms and wouldn’t turn negative until day 20 or more!

It was crazy. It was tiring. And it sucked the living hell out of us.
I never want to go through that again, and I wish the whole world didn’t have to either. I am actually kind of done with it, but not really. My chest is tight, I can’t go to the gym yet, and I can easily go to sleep at 8 PM.

Also, everything seems somewhat lame after this experience.

My brother and his best friend tested negative finally and my mother is nearly there.

And you know what was the worst part of it all, it’s feeling like shit to have been the one who passed the virus along, especially to your loved ones. Yes, it’s a pandemic, and no I did not do it on purpose, but it could’ve been avoided! I don’t care that I caught it, but mum tore my heart out.

It’s behind us now, and I’ll tell you one thing, it is definitely man-made, otherwise “me, being one of the healthiest people out there” wouldn’t have had the chest pain and back problems I went through. It’s a cloud of dust, and chemicals, more like a junkie type of virus for sure. And that is sad because it defies all our beliefs and way of living. When we thought staying healthy and fit is what will help us through pain and disease, some assholes out there decided to flip the plot around.

My last words would be, yes get vaccinated because nature and your immunity cannot defy this, you need a man-made vaccine just like this virus to win! And do not take this lightly, it truly is not, even if hospitals and breathing appliances weren’t involved, your body went through hell and back, don’t do that to it again!